Why the Name Dancing Bones?

  • Several years ago I made a sculpture for a Day of the Dead celebration that had Dancing Skeletons on it with the phrase,

“These bones were made for dancing.”

The idea behind the sculpture has a deep personal meaning for me. I love to dance! Through dancing I release my inner soul, dancing is me!

  • I had the design tattooed on my ankle so with every step I celebrate the dance of life.

That’s why I made it my business logo and my business name.

What is the fascination with Day of the Dead ?

“Dia de los Muertos”

  • Moving to Tucson, Arizona in the early 1980’s, I discovered the tradition of celebrating one’s ancestors on Dia de los Muertos– the Day of the Dead.

Tucson is a city rich with a strong Mexican culture that celebrates Family and Ancestors with the annual festival that pays respect to those who have lived before us.

I love the tradition and the thought behind it– respect for one’s roots.

The celebration is full of color; cemeteries are decorated with bright flowers and artworks. Festive picnic meals are prepared and enjoyed by family and friends to celebrate the lives, accomplishments and memories of loved ones passed.

For me, to Dance is to Remember!


4 Responses to “Why the Name Dancing Bones?”

  1. this is so awesome. this website should have a million hits. OMG!!!!!!

  2. I want there to be a celebration when I pass on. And not because they are relieved to be rid of me, lol!

    So yes, Let’s Dance!!

  3. Hi Barbara, I am interested in becoming a tattooist and I found your story truly inspirational.. I stumbled across your website during a boring night shift and I thought carpe diem! Lol. I’m going to get out my sketchbooks and work work work and someday soon live my dream 🙂 I love drawing and immersing myself in it with the help of some good tunes and, as I think you mentioned, you feel a sort of blurring between worlds – it’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing your experience and advice, and keep up the good work! 🙂

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