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Why get a tattoo?

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  • Why Get a Tattoo

The main reason to get a tattoo is because you have thought about it and really want one! I can’t emphasize the ‘thought about it’ part enough!


Reasons NOT to get a tattoo are because your friends are egging you on or daring you, or because you think it will make you cool or make you more desirable to the opposite sex or because you think it will make you more

{fill in the blank}.


  • Tattoos are permanent, so you should think about it and not just get something on a whim that you might regret later.



When I have clients that want a tattoo, but don’t know what to get, I tell them to think about their lives—what’s important to them—their interests—

their passions. I tell them to notice what catches their attention in their daily lives. If you see a pattern or picture that grabs you somehow, remember it, take a picture, think about what makes it attractive to you.


Sometimes you might want to reflect a hobby or sport you like, sometimes it’s just an interest you have in another culture, or in a time period in history. Your choice of tattoo should be a reflection of you! I have chosen to put some designs on me that came from antiques I inherited from my grandparents. When I see these designs, it reminds me of them.


  • Hopefully when you choose a tattoo, you will have some kind of story about how it has affected you personally, too.



I also DO NOT recommend putting names of a ‘significant other’ on you  unless that person is dead (a memorial) or is your child, parent, sibling or some other relation that cannot change. Personally, I think it is bad ju-ju to put your spouse’s name or initials on you—kind of like asking for trouble and increasing the likelihood of a cover-up in your future. :o)  If you want to honor your spouse or significant other, consider using a symbol for that person or a symbol of a meaningful event for you two, so if for some reason you end up splitting up, the tattoo could be a reminder of better times for you and not need a cover-up.


  • So pay attention to your dreams, interests, passions and then “Think Ink”!